Learning for Cool Kids

Every High School freshman as of 2015 has never lived during the 1900’s. They will never know what it’s like to watch a new episode of Rugrats or the feeling of going to a Blockbuster and having to rewind the VHS because the person who rented it before you forgot to. This is 2015. All Kindergardener’s were born in 2010, I can watch a movie on my phone, and see what the weathers like in Guam in .2 seconds. Knowledge is at our fingertips the days of searching encyclopedias are over. So how does this affect learning when a kid can find out the answer to a question just by reaching in his pocket? The way kids learn things has changed. A child can get more information though a youtube video rather than a textbook. Knowledge is power they say, but how and what knowledge should be taught?


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