Blogging or Ranting?

So for everyone’s first random blog post I see everyone did a basic “About Me” post but since there is nothing somewhat interesting about me I’m just going to rant about things. So tonight I watched this really interesting documentary about Walt Disney on PSB and was amazed. The showed Walt starting off from a young kid growing up in the mid west with a super strict father and his siblings and how is upbringing in the midwest inspired him later in his life and how the town that he moved to as a kid in Missouri inspired Main Street USA in Disneyland. It also talked about how his company struggled in the early 1920’s and how he was the idea man and his brother Roy was more on the business side of things. It also showed the behind the scenes making of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which was a revolutionary film for that time and changed the way people looked at the film industry. It went on to talk about the writer/animator strike in the 40’s and the whole Hollywood communist witch hunt that was happening right before Walt’s release of “Bambi”. They showed footage from the making of Disneyland and the live feed on ABC during opening day of how Walt’s dream of opening a theme park finally became a reality.

imgres Walt & Roy hqdefault Disneyland_aerial_view_in_1956


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